The Story Behind Milner’s Brands

Milner’s commenced operations in the late 1950’s as Sales Agent for Corning Glassworks USA and Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd Britain, in Western Australia.

In the early 1960’s Milner’s focused on tabletop, kitchenware and gourmet products and the business was expanded to each of the major Australian States. In 1964 an exclusive marketing arrangement was struck with Messrs. Ed Wüsthof of Solingen, Germany and the famous Wüsthof cutlery brand was introduced to the Australian market in 1964.

With this wealth of experience we have progressed to become one of Australia’s leading marketers of high quality, premier home products. We pride ourselves on being the marketing group of first choice for international companies seeking to market their home wares in Australia.

Our core strategy is to focus on developing industry knowledge and building consumer equity in premium global brands in the sectors of gourmet home wares, home health and home environment. The past 10—15 years have seen Milner’s concentrate on establishing and preserving the brands that it markets and distributes, by engaging their clients via high profile marketing and consumer care/intimacy programs. Milner’s has become more than an importer or wholesaler. The company provides a wholistic solution to overseas manufacturers; in that, we provide:

  • Integrated marketing activities (sales, promotion, advertising, publicity, public relations and research) in relation to each of our brands in the Australian market;
  • Established alliances with our clients across all retail channels; 
  • Continuous development and improvement in our ‘consumer care’ services;
  • Access to the services of tertiary institutions specialising in marketing, business development and retail distribution.