Brand New Product

BC-401 Bluetooth Connected Body Composition Monitor

Forget wondering if you are a healthy weight and move to understanding your muscle and bone health, how hydrated you are, your physique and your metabolic age – a true insight to how healthy you are.

With the BC-401 Body Composition Monitor you can get the most complete full body composition analysis and accurate readings with BIA technology. Take 10 accurate and quick measurements in the comfort of your own home.

The MyTanita App will allow you to connect your Tanita Body Composition Monitor (the RD-series and the newly launched BC-401) via Bluetooth, easy and exportable visual graphs of your measurements.  The readings are done really quick, takes 3-5 seconds to read the measurements and show up in the app after stepping on the body composition monitor. 

Connecting your smartphone to the BC-401 is a simple process. All you need to do is set up a profile, pair your device and start measuring.

Once you have your measurements, you are then able to export & print your results easily from within the app
With so many different ways to view your measurements, the MyTanita app will change how you track and monitor success.

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